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Q.What degree do you receive after graduating from a university in Taiwan?
A.In Taiwan, universities offer a 4-year undergraduate program, and upon graduation, students receive a Bachelor’s degree. Taiwan’s universities also offer graduate programs, where students can pursue Master’s or Ph.D. degree after completing their undergraduate studies. Degrees earned in Taiwan are internationally recognized, similar to degrees earned in other countries.
Q.Is the Chinese language learned in Taiwan the same as the Chinese language learned in China?
A. Both Taiwan and China have Chinese as their official language. Taiwan uses traditional Chinese characters, while China uses simplified Chinese characters. Aside from the difference in character forms, the usage of the language is generally the same. In addition, learning Chinese in Taiwan can provide a better understanding of Chinese culture, as it retains the use of traditional characters.
Q.I only want to learn Chinese. Is it possible to study Chinese at a university in the United States?
A.The best environment to learn a language is in its native country. Besides becoming fluent in Chinese, studying in China will also provide a deeper understanding of Chinese values, which will be beneficial for future employment. Additionally, degrees obtained from universities in Taiwan are recognized worldwide, and the cost of education is lower compared to the United States. Studying at a university in Taiwan will definitely be more rewarding.